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About Ivanovo

Population: 409 ths
Founded: 1871
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 717

Ivanovo is an administrative center of the Ivanovo region. It’s located on the Uvod River, in 290 km to the northeast from the capital. The city is included in the Golden Ring of Russia.

Ivanovo village and Voznesensky district were joined together in 1871; as a result the city of Ivanovo-Voznesensk appeared which had always a reputation for a center of light industry. Ivanovo became the capital of the region after revolution.

Light industry (namely, textile industry) is most developed from all branches of economy of the region. Besides, some engineering enterprises function in the city.

Culture vultures are able to visit one of three city theaters. Ivanovo regional drama theater located on Pushkin Square, 2 has functioned since 1933. Ivanovo musical theater as well as Ivanovo regional puppet theater founded in 1935 is located in the same building. There are three movie theaters in Ivanovo for those who wish to watch new movies. For people interested in history and art following museums are opened: Ivanovo state local history museum, the Ivanovo regional art museum, the Museum of Ivanovo cotton print and others. City circus named after Volzhansky is also opened for all who like tricks of animals and clowns.

The industrial architecture of Ivanovo belonging to the 19th century is very popular among tourists. Some cotton-mills have almost the same appearance as before revolution. For example, the Big Ivanovo manufactory is an architectural monument of the second half of the 19th century. The brich-built buildings of this enterprise represent one of symbols of city history.

It will be not less interesting for tourists to visit the temple of the Blessed Virgin. It was built in Russian style in 1907. This is columnless five-domed temple with a belltower. Gate of the temple are richly decorated. The church was closed in 1938. Its building has been given to the state archive. The temple was returned to believers in the early nineties.

So called house-Ship is located on Lenin Avenue, 49. This is dwelling house built in 1934 in the spirit of constructivism. It is outwardly similar to the ship. The cut-off building gable reproduces the image of snout of a ship, and a tower on the other part of the house is similar to an aft. Balconies copy a view of decks and bridges. Show-windows create a visual effect of "flight" of the building.

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